There are many scenic train rides available all throughout the U.S. and the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad is one of them and one you’ll not want to miss.

oregon scenic railroad
Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad Steam Engine

Here is a railroad that will give you spectacular Pacific Ocean views via their historic 1910 Heisler steam locomotive. The main ride will take you from Garibaldi, OR to Rockaway Beach, about five miles distance each way.

Also offered at times are romantic dinner trains that will take you farther north to Wheeler, OR. There are also special holiday excursions, the most popular being the Fireworks Spectacular on July 4th.

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad History

The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad is a section of the old Port of Tillamook Bay railroad line that extends the Tillamook Air Museum through Garibaldi, Rockaway Beach, and Wheeler.

oregon coast sightseeingThe railroad which came through in 1911 boosted the economy of the handful of small towns dotting the Pacific coast.

The new railroad allowed a way for dairy and lumber to get to larger markets. The timber industry thrived. Logs could be transported all the way to west Portland which was expanding rapidly. Another benefit of the railroad was that people could travel down to the beaches on the coast without trying to navigate challenging roads.

The 1930’s with it’s economic woes caused the railroad to decline but during the 1950’s the good old days returned. Lumber again was in great demand. With the improvement of highways short line railroads all over the country went into decline, especially passenger routes, and lumber and other goods could reach markets much faster with trucks.

The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad was established in 2003 and these wonderful tours began.

Sights to See in Garibaldi, Oregon

Before or after your train ride up the Pacific coast, there is plenty of history to see in Gariibaldi.

pacific coast sceneryWhen you’re driving through town you’ll see an old smokestack. Perhaps you’ll wonder why it wasn’t torn down. Well, this smokestack, built in 1927, is the last remaining item of the old Hammond Lumber Company. Hammond built the tall smokestack to spare the residents the smoke coming from his sawmill. Although at one point the city considered tearing it down for safety reasons. It was not and to keep it from deteriorating more the old smokestack was enclosed in fiberglass.

Another interesting stop in Garibaldi, Oregon is the Garibaldi Maritime Museum. The museum states..”The museum is chartered to preserve the maritime heritage of the Pacific Northwest by collecting information concerning Captain Robert Gray and Captain Robert Gray’s historical vessels, the Lady Washington and the Columbia Rediviva”. In addition to displays regarding the 18th Century sailing world, the museum has a wing devoted to the founding and history of Garibaldi.

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oregon pacific coastlineIn addition to all of the fun activities in Gariballdi, the Oregon coast can be one of the best places to whale watch.

South of Garibaldi in the Depoe Bay area whales can be seen about ten months out of the year. Whale watching boat excursions are available and if you just happen to be on the shoreline in this area you’ll likely see whales spouting water as they search for food not far off shore.


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