Visit Beautiful Grand Teton National Park

Located in northwestern Wyoming just a short eight miles from Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park is 310,000 acres of protected recreational land with abundant wildlife, rivers, lakes and creeks and great hiking trails. Grand Teton National Park may just be the most beautiful area in America.

grand teton national parkThe beauty of Grand Teton National Park and of course the Teton Mountain Range is overwhelming.

The majestic Teton Range stands as a monument to the people who fought to protect it. These are the mountains that led to the establishment of the park. Elevations in the park run from around 6,320 feet on the valley floor all the way up to 13,770 at the summit of the largest peak in the Teton range.

Grand Teton National Park goes through the four seasons. Because of this there are plenty of fun things you can do and explore at Grand Teton, but certain times of the year are more ideal for traveling there than others. It’s a;ways wise to check with the park regarding any road closures and services that are open.

teton mountains photoA National Park Like No Other

The parks hundreds of thousands of acres include the Teton Range as well as a massive portion of Jackson Hole. Grand Teton National Park is smaller than Yellowstone National Park to the north as is quite different from many national parks. Privately owned ranches and businesses remain inside the park boundaries and It is the nations only national park with a commercial jet airport.

Abundant Wildlife

Grand Teton National Park is filled with beautiful wildlife. Bison, moose, elk, and black-tailed deer are often seen in the park. There have also been sightings, though much rarer, of mountain lions, wolves, black bears and grizzly bears. and bears. Hikers are encouraged to take along bear spray for protection in case of a grizzly bear encounter.

River Rafting on the Snake River

One of the more popular activities within Grand Teton National Park is rafting on the Snake River.

The Snake River offers visitors many adventures. Everything from scenic floats to class 3 whitewater. Many companies in Jackson offer whitewater rafting trips. The best rapids are located in the Snake River Canyon, just south of Hoback Junction.

Only human powered rubber rafts, canoes, dories, and kayaks are permitted on the Snake River within the park.  Kayaks and canoes are available for renting. Also kayak and canoe rentals are available from Jenny Lake Boating on Jenny Lake. If you bring your own boat you will need a boating permit. Permits can be issued at the Lewis Lake Ranger Station, Grant Village Visitor Center, Bridge Bay Marina and the Lake Ranger Station.

Motor boats are permitted on both Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake.

grand teton jenny lakeGrand Teton National Park Hiking

Hiking Grand Teton National Park is safe for solo hikers or groups of  hikers.  The park’s rough terrain, steep trails, wildlife, and weather related safety hazards are always risks to hikers.

The park offers 109 hiking trails, biking trails, running trails and more.It’s said that there are a total of twenty-seven easy bike trails within the park. Trails in the park are rated from easy to difficult. Soemthing for every skill level.

For those looking for easy hikes within the park you may want to check out. These include the Lake Creek Trail, Taggart Lake Trail, Hidden Falls Trail, Lakeshore Trail, Leigh Lake Trail. There are more. A great resource and detailed description for each of these easy hike trails can be found at…

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jackson lodge garnd teton
Jackson Lodge at Grand Teton National Park

Beautiful Scenery

It’s been said that the views are everything at Grand Teton National Park. There’s much fun activities to partake in at the park however the mountain and lake scenery is breathtaking and is excellent for outdoor photography. The exposed peaks of the Tetons make for absolutely stunning landscape photos.

There are several sites that offer ideal views for photographers. Some of these include Oxbow Bend, Schwabacher Landing, Mormon Row, Snake River Overlook, Elk Ranch Flats Turnout. Details of these ideal photo spots within Grand Teton National Park can be found at..

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